I consult, write and generally nerd out with you on how to best help your business communicate its core message in English or Danish.

Rhetoric is communication based on audience, message and the rhetor. This model, along with additional applied theory on how to construct an argument, how to communicate efficiently to your audience and how to build a credible message and sender is my core strength.

maybe I can help you with:

  • Copywriting
  • Translation DA/ENG and vice versa
  • Strategy for great content  for SoMe, SEO and great content
  • Tone of voice, key messages and your communicative WHY
  • Mapping out the holes in your communication and help you fill them too
  • Guidance on presenting, creating presence and turning your audience on to your ideas

(Psst, til dig der taler dansk: vil du styrke din digitale kommunikation? Så kan du møde mig på Teknologisk Institut på dette kursus om digital kommunikation.)